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The Fifth Ward

The Fifth Ward neighborhood of Newport, Rhode Island is an area of the city located in the northeast corner of the city, north of the Broadway area and east of the Point neighborhood. It is bounded by Farewell Street to the north, Broadway to the south, Narragansett Avenue to the east, and East Main Road to the west. The Fifth Ward was historically a densely populated industrial and immigrant neighborhood, with many of the residents working in the nearby factories and wharves. Today, the neighborhood is a mix of residential and commercial areas. The residential areas are generally comprised of small single- and two-family homes, while the commercial areas are generally occupied by small businesses, restaurants, and retail outlets. The Fifth Ward is home to a number of parks, including Easton’s Beach, Washington Square, and the Fifth Ward Riverfront Park. The Fifth Ward is a vibrant, diverse community, with a variety of cultures, religions, and backgrounds represented. The area is served by several public transportation options, including the Newport Bus and the Newport Trolley. The neighborhood is also home to a number of community organizations, including the Newport Neighborhood Association, the Newport Art Museum, and the Newport Historical Society.