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Newport County

Newport County, Rhode Island is located in the southeastern corner of the state along the Atlantic Ocean. The county seat is the city of Newport, which is known for its historic colonial architecture, the Newport Mansions, and its beaches. Other cities in the county include Middletown, Portsmouth, Tiverton, and Jamestown. The area is known for its tourist attractions, such as sailing, fishing, and beach activities. It is also home to many historic sites, including Fort Adams and colonial-era homes. In addition, the area is a popular destination for bird-watching, as it is home to a variety of species. The Norman Bird Sanctuary is one of the premier bird-watching locations in the county. The climate in Newport County is mild and humid, with an average temperature of around 60°F in the summer months and an average around 40°F in the winter. Precipitation is common throughout the year, with the most rain falling in the spring and fall.